samedi, décembre 27, 2014

Pony lesson

The boys had pony lesson for the first time today. In the area where we stay, there are many pony and horse riding clubs around. A few weeks ago, I saw a pamplet promoting pony lessons during the christmas school vacation. I decided to sign up the boys for a 3 hours lesson.
Usually, riding clubs accept at least a trimester lessons if not more. So this was a good occasion for the boys to just try one lesson. 

Today is a very cold, wet and windy day. I made the boys wear two pairs of socks and few layers of clothes. Seb and I stayed in the beginning and when A2 was comfortable with the instructor, we left and had a coffee in the uptown. We came back to the pony club at 11am and watched the kids. They were doing great handling the ponies and carrying out the instructions given. I was so cold standing in the open that my feet were numbed. 

They prepared and dressed their ponies, mounted the ponies by themselves with the help of some plastic stools, rode and even trotted. 

At noon, the lesson was over. They took their ponies back to the box and patted them good bye.

We then headed to MacDonald for a quick lunch. The boys enjoyed this experience. We might try a lesson or two again when the days are warmer.

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