mardi, juin 02, 2015

Cycling in the domain of Chambord

We drove to Chambord on Pentecost holiday. Chambord is about an hour and twenty minutes' drive away. Along the way, it rained and we wondered if the weather forecast was accurate. We were planning to cycle on a cloudy but not rainy day. When we were about a few kilometers away, we stopped by a supermarket, bought lunch and had a pinic lunch by the bank of the Loire river. There was a playground and the boys played after their sandwiches lunch.Once we headed back to the car, it rained again.
 Upon arriving at the domain of Chambord, Seb and I each rented a bicycle and as a family, we cycled around the Chambord Castle. The dark clouds slowly cleared.

After stopping every five minutes to take the different angles of the beautiful castle, Seb was getting impatient with me. It was difficult to resist taking photos as the castle was too beautiful. We rode around the main grounds of the castle before heading to the forest trail.

 Along the way, there were look out spots to watch swamp animals. We spotted ducks, swans and coypu(water rat).
 There were also look out posts for viewing wild animals like deer and boars. However, we did not have the patience to wait for the random animals.

Once on the forest trail, we decided to take the blue trail but the boys started to complain. Seb asked them if they were tired or lazy. They both said they were lazy. So we followed the green trail which was shorter. When we got back to the castle, we returned our bicycles and settled down for ice cream and coffee.

As A2 had a small bicycle, he had to pedal three times more than us to catch up. As I was behind him, I noticed that a lot of tourists watched him pass by with a smile on their faces. He was one sportive boy working his legs more than us. Just adorable.

We drove back home and the boys slept in the car. Once we reached home, the boys cycled in the garden while I cooked. Next time, we would stick to the blue trail or even take the red one I told Seb. These little boys really had endless energy.

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