mercredi, juin 03, 2015

Mother's day

In France, mother's day was on 31 May this year. Last wed, after school, I noticed that A2 had glitters on his hand and face. I asked him what he did in school and he told me it was a secret. I replied 'Oh, you are doing something for Mother's day.' A2  immediately got very upset. He said 'But maman, how do you know?' I laughed out loud and assured him that everyone knew it was Mother's day on sunday. A1 added that even his teacher knew. He told his brother the most important was to keep the present he was making in school a surprise for me. A2 started to say that the present was a plate. A1 shouted 'Shhhh.' to keep his brother from revealing futher. Kids. They were so funny.

On friday, Seb fetched the boys from school and helped them to hide the surprises. 

On sunday morning, the boys came into my room once they woke up to give me the surprises. 
A2 made me a glittering necklace made from beads and pastas. It was wrapped up on a beautifully decorated paper plate. He wrote 'BONNE FÊTE MAMAN' on the plate.

A1 made me a big card with hand drawn flowers. In the card was a poem. The thing with the french education system is that once kids learn the capital letters, next is the cursive handwriting of small letters. A1's writing was beautiful for a 6 year old. However, I always have problem reading french cursive handwriting. I could tell that A1 took time to write this neat poem.
Though I am not his mother, Seb bought me flowers on this day. That was so sweet of him. He told me he got it for me on behalf of the boys. The flowers were exotic. 
A2 wanted me to wear the pasta necklace. I did but for 5 minutes cos it made my neck so itchy with the glitters. It was beautiful but just not wearable. It shall stay on its paper plate on my night table.

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Anonyme a dit…

The cursive writing is beautiful.
what does the poem say?

Sohcool a dit…

Mother spring
Here are white kisses
blue kisses
and kisses of all colours
soft, soft, soft (or light, light, light).

Mother I love you.

Happy holiday.