samedi, mars 12, 2016

Budapest, day 3

On our third day, we walked along Andrassy Avenue to reach the Heroes' Square. This boulevard is like the Avenue de Champ Elysee in Paris, full of chic boutiques and restaurants.

We passed by the House of Terror and came upon this wall made of chains. There were information on big signboards telling stories during the communist period. 

We reached Heroes' Square and visited the nearby park where the boys had fun at the playground.

I took a photo of this bench as Mr Rubik is Hungarian. Rubik's Cube is from this country.
After the visit of the park with the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath, we took the metro to the Central Market. Thermal baths are popular in Hungary but we decided to give it a miss as the boys were too young to enjoy it.
We had lunch at the Central Market on the second floor. There were a few food stalls and we chose to eat light. The first floor was selling fresh food and the second floor had souvenirs stalls. We also visited the basement. There was a supermarket and stalls selling fresh seafood and preserved vegetables. A souvenir shop hidden in the basement sold items much cheaper than those on the second floor. It did not have a lot of variety but I managed to get a fridge magnet for my mum at 30cents instead of 1€. 

With the many sausages hanging at stalls, I got some as gifts for friends.
After this visit, we took a boat ride along the Danube. Drinks were served onboard and we could listen to the commentary in our chosen language from the earphones provided.

It was a leisure ride and I felt we could have given this a miss since we had already visited most iconic places. It would be interesting if we had done this on our first day.
In the evening, we visited the pin ball museum. It is just a place with lots of pin ball machines ranging from vintage to modern ones. Seb played excessively when he was a teenager. He was as happy as a kid in this kingdom. The boys found a stool each so that they could reach the flipper buttons easily. They tried out many machines. I tried my luck on a few and the vintage ones were really interesting.  There were also a few first generation arcade games. I even forgot they existed. 

It was entertaining and when we left for dinner, the boys were disappointed. We had dinner at a food court in a mall called The West End. It looked exactly like the malls in Singapore.

After dinner, while walking back to the hotel, we passed by the most beautiful MacDonald in Budapest. It was the best MacDo I had even seen. Very classy. Seb bought a café there while I snapped away.
This ended our third day in Budapest. It was another long day.

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