mardi, mars 08, 2016

Budapest - day 1

We spent 4 days 3 nights at Budapest last weekend during the school holidays. We brought umbrellas as the weather was forecasted with showers during our trip. Thank God we did not have to use the umbrellas and it was not much colder than in Paris.

We took the flight at 7.15am and reached Budapest at 9.30am. We left home at 4.45am and the boys were motivated to get out of bed at this early hour for their vacation.

Budapest is actually made up of 2 districts divided by the river Danube. The hilly Buda and the flat Pest. We stayed at Star Inn which was centrally located at Pest. We checked into the hotel at 10.30am and started visiting after dropping the bags.

We walked towards the Parliment and then along the Danube towards the "Shoes on the Danube". The shoes are a memorial for the people who were shot and fell into the Danube by Arrow Cross Militiamen (Nazis) in 1944-45. As shoes were considered as luxury goods, the victims had to remove their shoes before being killed. There was a crowd at this site but everyone was silent and reflective.

We continued our walk and stopped for lunch at Hungarikum Bistro. I did my homework for this trip and found that this place was ranked 12 among 2000+ restaurant listed in Tripadvisor. As it was thursday noon, we got a table easily. We had typical Hungarian dishes. The boys shared a plate of breaded chicken cutlets with potatoes. There wasn't many choices on vegetables. We realised that the Hungarians ate more meat than vegetables. Still, Seb managed to find a vegetarian meal.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap. In the late afternoon, we visited Miniversum. A miniature museum showcasting Budapest and a few other famous cities. There were interactive buttons and the boys had a great time chasing after trains. On the wall were information and photos of life under the communist.  There were so many details that we spent almost 2 hours here.
For dinner, we had Asian food.
We slowly walked back to our hotel and ended our first day with a good night sleep.

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