vendredi, août 19, 2016

Can you run?

I told A2 that I am going to learn tennis this fall. 
He asked me, 'Can you run?' 
I replied, 'Running is using the two legs right? Sure I can run.' 
He thought for a moment and rephrased his question. 'When you were young, did you run fast?' 
This cracked me up. 
I told him, 'I don't think I run fast. But it is ok. I just want to have fun at tennis.'
A2 is concern about the running ability of his friends. He had told me before he did not want to invite a certain classmate to his birthday party because she did not run fast. 
Seb and I explained to him that someone else might be running faster than him and running fast is not a measurement for friendship.
I am taking up tennis so that we can play as a family. Doubt I can run fast. Just do it. For fun.

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