samedi, août 06, 2016

Château de Breteuil

Château de Bretuil is a small cosy castle about 30mins drive from our house. When my mum was here in June, we visited this castle togather. Here, one could choose to visit the castle or the garden with displays of Charles Perrault's fairy tales in the outbuildings or both. 

We chose to visit the castle and the garden. The visit was guided and our tour guide explained the rich history of this place with important people making important decisions here. There were wax figures and the tour was interesting even for children. I tried my best to translate to my mum the interesting facts.

In the garden, there were stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Blue beard, Cinderella, Puss in boots all over  and the boys enjoyed listening to the story and watching the props.

The maze in the garden was a highlight and the boys set off on their adventure by themselves. After a few U-turns, they finally made it to the center. It was funny watching them trying to come back. 
There were many flowers and fruit trees in the garden. So it was not surprising to see a squirrel.

In the late afternoon, there was story telling out in the garden. The boys enjoyed listening to the story. But A2 got bored after 15 minutes and went to the big playground to play.
We enjoyed our visit to this castle. This is really a great family outing for any French family with young kids. 

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