dimanche, octobre 07, 2007

Another Sunday

After church this morning, I headed to Chinatown. As I wrote many times, Chinatown in the 13 district (arrondisement) is in the south and very inconvenient for me to get there by public transport. As Seb had left for Spain, I went there by public transport. I do not like to drive in Paris.
Why such desperation? Because I was craving for home cooked chinese food. I was sick of dining out for the past week. In Helsinki, half the time, I did not enjoy my meals. There were many Tex Mex resturants in Helsinki and the one we tried was enjoyable. Maybe I will just stick to Tex Mex places next time.
What did I cook? Well, the usual suspects. Chicken fried with ginger and sesame oil. And my fav big veggie roasted meat soup. I was speaking to Claire earlier and she was trying to give me ideas on what to cook since I often cook the same usual stuff. Sadly, the supermarkets here were not like those in Australia. They did not sell soba, tofu, chinese vegetables.... Best thing was, Claire remembered that I did not like fried rice. That brought back memories to our uni days. On a tight budget, fried rice was often the best choice for a quick lunch. I only like salted fish fried rice. :) Too bad, I had finished my salted fish. I am running out of "comfort food" and do not anticipate going to Singapore any time soon. If you are passing by Paris, please let me know.

Oh, France won the match against the All Blacks yesterday. There was a "kelong" cos one of passes leading to the touch down was forwarded. Only backward passes were allowed. Guess the referee did not see that. Everyone here was just happy that France is going to be in the semi-finals.

To end off, for your info, I am typing slower than usual. Normally, I type without looking at the keyboard. But after 4 days of using a Finnish keyboard, I am getting my 'a' and 'q' and a few other keys all messed up. Why can't we have a standard format for keyboards? Sigh. The english, french and finnish keyboards are all different. Headache! Working in a mutli-cultural environment, I appreciate the fact that I can speak different languages. I will elaborate on that next time. It is time to sleep and get ready for another week of work.

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