mercredi, octobre 17, 2007

Some updates

I am moving next Friday. The kitchen is 90% installed. 2 cupboard doors and some pieces were delivered wrongly. They were not of the right size. The important thing is that the kitchen is functional though not completed.

During these 3 weeks, we had made a lot of last minute decisions based on the advices given by different experts. We had to change our microwave to find a size that fits. We decided to paint the living room.

We removed the skirting board and would replace them after the parquet is installed. We removed the sliding doors of the placards so that parquet could be installed in the placards as well. Initially, we wanted to leave the skirting boards and put quarter round against them and we had wanted to leave the interior of the placards as they were (carpeted).

Yesterday, we changed our mind about the presentation of our shower room. Even our bedroom location had been changed. At first, I wanted to use room 1 but now, we decided to use room 2 as our bedroom.

This is a stressful period as there are so many tiny details and things to take note of. We had made many trips to the hardware shop. Books were all packed in boxes. There was also different administrative stuff to be done.

Back at our present place, there had been a blockage problem with the water pipe. We had water on our kitchen floor thrice. Once the neighbour above us launched the dish washer, water would gush out from one of the drainage pipes that we do not use. Seems like everyone else had this problem. I hope that we could leave this place in peace.

Seb is leaving on business trip for 6 days. The responsibility is on me to supervise the works at the new place. To add cherry on top of the cake, there is a mega transport strike tomorrow and may last until Friday. I drove to work today and experienced heavy traffic. Tomorrow would be worse.

On the bright side, things are going on schedule. My mom and friends mentioned that I could move in a month after getting the keys to the apartment. For them, it was fast. Well, there were people who moved in right after getting the keys. As this is a brand new estate, there are many inconveniences at the moment. I will write about them when I am more ZEN.

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Moose6912 a dit…

I heard such strikes are an annual occurrence in France. Is it true or not?

sohcool a dit…

Yes, we pretty much have at least a strike a year. Usually when the government is back from vacation full of energy and decide to do a reform to the public services. Then, the workers will retaliate with a strike.