samedi, octobre 06, 2007

Busy month

We finally received our keys to our new apartment on 27 Sept. The promoter even gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate. What class!
Buying from plan was really a risky business. I realised that the balcony was closer to the road than I thought. Other than that, everything built was pretty close to the plan we had.

Last weekend, Seb and I went to order the furnitures and spent several tiring hours in Leroy Merlin. This weekend, we were not spared. We continued our hunt to complete the list of things we need to buy. I was in Helsinki for 4 days and just returned yesterday. Seb is leaving for Spain for 3 days tomorrow. His travel plans for this month could not have come at a "better" timing. I just hope that renovations would carry out smoothly. The thing is, we have 3 different parties working on different areas. If one is late, the others will be affected. Let's just see if we get to move in by end of Oct.

Right now, it is the World Cup for Rugby and this year, France is the hosting country. There is a strong following for this sport and right now, most french are in front of their televsion sets watching France against New Zealand. The All Blacks had beaten the Blues 7 consecutive times. The chances of the Blues winning seems slim. We shall know the result in 20 mins. For the moment, the score is 13-13.

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