jeudi, janvier 24, 2008


In France, there are seasonal vegetables and fruits. In winter, I find that there are less variety of fresh vegetables. Courgettes, aubergines and green beans are mostly imported from Spain or Marocco and they cost much more than in summer. Still, I managed to find a vegetable that is becoming my favourite greens. Okay, it is not exactly green in color. It is called endive. Endives have a bitter after-taste and most of the time, it is served as salade. I do not like raw veggie and prefer to cook them.
My mother-in-law made me discovered endives a few years ago. She baked them with ham and creamy sauce. I like it but find it hard to get the sauce consistent.

Other ways of cooking endives is to boil them in water with sugar to remove the bitterness for 15 mins. Remove them from the pot and dry them. Dash some lemon juice over them, sprinkle some herbs and put them in the oven for about 30 mins. That is a simple way.

Another way is to wrap bacon or ham around the endives after they are boiled. Sprinkle chesse and pepper over them and grill them for 15 mins. Grilled bacon and crispy melted cheese with endives. Yummy!

Both dish taste good and are defintely ideal as a no fuss, no frills week-day dinner.

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