mercredi, janvier 23, 2008

Of needles and hems

I need to shorten the curtains I bought. As I had no needles at home to mark the length, I went to the supermarket this afternoon to get a pack. Guess the price.

It cost me 5.50€ for a pack of simple needles. I had no choice but to take it. But I am sure that in Singapore, I could have bought 10 packs of needles for SG$11. Well, one pack is enough to last me a lifetime. Sometimes, the things in France are just outrageously overpriced!

Another example is to find a tailor to adjust the length of the pants. In Singapore, I did it for SG$3 in the wet market. Over here, most charge around 10.50€. I am still looking for one that cost around 7€. I know it exists but I forgot where it was since it was 3 years ago that I did it.

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