mercredi, janvier 02, 2008

Thanks giving 2007

Looking back on 2007, I count my blessings. God had been good to us. Seb and I changed jobs and had no regrets. We moved into our apartment and our last furniture finally arrived on 29/12/2007. We are very comfortable in our new place. Both of us are in good health though I was recently down with gastric flu and Seb with a big cold. These are annual affairs when our immune system is weaker during winter.

In 2007, we travelled often. I discovered various parts of France and due to work; I discovered Finland and Luxembourg as well. Seb had his share of travelling too. Our lives are pretty much the same as before – still loving each other. We made efforts for each other. We called each other before leaving office to go home. We did grocery shopping together. We shared house chores. Simple things like that should not be taken for granted. Over all, we have no complains for 2007. Thank God!


On the first day of 2008, I decided to clear space in the big red box which contained cards I held dear. I would like to throw old cards to make space for new ones I received from the last few years. I was the sentimental kind of person when it came to cards. I kept cards given by friends. As e-cards got more popular, I received fewer cards. I in turn sent less cards too.

So, I spent hours looking and reading the cards. Most were Christmas cards, some wedding cards, a few farewell cards. There were also birthday cards, postcards and of course; cards given by Seb. We gave each other cards on valentine’s day, wedding anniversary and birthdays. It was difficult to decide which card to keep and which card should go. I tried my best. If a friend only sent me a card, I put it back in the red box. Even though one might reasoned that we had already lost contact and this card no longer held any meaning to the friendship. I prefer to think that at one stage of my life, I was good enough to receive a card from the sender. Our paths had crossed and this card was the evidence.

I received the most cards from Claire. Our friendship dated back 9 years ago. We communicated often by emails and phone. Still, it felt so good to receive a nice card with thoughts of the day in it from time to time.

My little possible-to-keep resolution for this year is to send out cards to family and friends. Emails are quick and cheap. But cards filled with hand written words and travelled slowly by snail-mail add delight and surprises to the receiver! Don't you agree? *hint hint*

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Michael Low a dit…

ok la...will try. but then will need your snail mail address...hehe