lundi, mai 12, 2008


I have been busy keeping company my 2 guests from Singapore. Claire is still in Paris while Jillian has left on Sat. As usual, with each new visitor, I discovered new areas of Paris.

One of those new discoveries is Ladurée. I had heard of Ladurée famous pastries; especially its macarons. But I had never tried it. I am not a pastry person unlike the Misses Wong. So, a pilgrimage to Ladurée is a must for them.

Each of us ordered our beverages and our lovely piece of cake. The cakes were indeed heavenly. The taste was exquisite and we enjoyed our "tai-tai" style of afternoon tea. I said "tai-tai" because a tea cost around 6.50€ and a piece of cake 7.70€. That was really an expensive tea break.

If time allows, Claire and I would drop by again at Ladurée. With one of my best friends in town, Ladurée just seems to be the right place for a priceless afternoon chit-chat.

On a side note, the weather here has been really warm this past week. When Misses Wong arrived, it was still cold but now, the temperature stayed at 25 degrees in the afternoon. We spot a tan already.

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singairishgirl a dit…

I was watching an episode on discovery travel and living and they featured this place on Joan Cusack's adventures. I told myself have to go there. :)

singairishgirl a dit…

By the way, I love that Ispahan. My princess wud love to try that too, am sure.

sohcool a dit…

Oh yes, the Ispahan was good. Even non-pastry lover like me appreciate it. Do enjoy it ok?

Paradoxical Carrie a dit…

OMG!!! Macarons!!! U've got to bring me to try tat if I go ever go visit u Madame! I'm love the cute looking Macarons and I went crazy over those raspberry macarons when I was Ritz Carlton some mths ago.

It was indeed an expensive tea (and cakes) u gals had there... liqueur cakes tat cost ard $12+ are already considered as luxury food here and those cakes in Ladurée cost even more. I think I can only afford it once if I do go there.. haha!

Email me once u are back alright? :)

sohcool a dit…

Hi P. Carrie,
We can definately go there togather when you will be here. Didn't know that macarons are so popular among Sg ladies!