mercredi, mai 21, 2008


I know that I have been writing less. I have been so so busy these past weeks.

I am right now in Helsinki. My fourth trip in less than a year and come to think of it, I actually know more resturants here than in Paris.

This was the month that I had been doing 'aller-retour' at the airport. We sent Ivan and Belinda to the airport after dinner at our place on 30 April. The next day, we went to the airport to fetch Claire and Jill Wong. A week later, we sent Jill off at the airport. Last Sunday, we sent Claire off at the airport. The next day, I went to the airport to take my plane to Helsinki.

While Claire and Jill were here, we three had fun. Claire's holiday was hugely spoilt over a mishap when she was robbed in my car. Details will come in a later entry.

On Sunday, after sending Claire off, I met up with my blog friend from Daily Affairs. She was visiting Paris with her family. I got to know her recently and it was the first time we met. It was a quick meet up but we hit it off right away. Singaporean girls are amazing. We can warm up to each other so easily. Other recent experiences include Sharon, Sandra and Jill.

With such a busy month of meeting various singaporeans, I thought I could have a good rest in Helsinki. But the 4.30am sunrise wakes me up each morning. Even with the curtains pulled, sunlight managed to peep through. It is really werid to have daylight even at 10pm.

For this weekend, Sam, the globe trotter may be dropping by for a visit. I will be hosting him and cooking dinner for him. However, I won't be his tour guide. I had enough for this month.

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Helios a dit…

Hello! My M was just looking at who links to our blog (out of boredom) and realised that she's met you long long ago, through Claire, way before she had my big brother Herbie! What a small world!

sohcool a dit…

Hi Helios,
Thanks for dropping by. I hope you and your family do not mind me bookmarking your interesting page in my blog. I had been reading about you and Herbie since a long time.
Yeah, I was talking to Miss C. Wong last week and we realised that I had met your M a while back in Sg. Indeed a small world. Send my regards to your M!

moohanloh a dit…

Hey Ash, I do check out Daily Affairs too but never met her. The world is so small. :)

moohanloh a dit…

Hey Ash, I do check out Daily Affairs too. Enjoy reading her blog too. The world is so small. :)

Helios a dit…

No problem, link away! Maybe I can get to see you when you're back for hols!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Found you while reading thru BMA (while searching for comments on Tiffin Room) and read that you've met D from Daily Affairs :-).

Truly small world and at least I know now that she had arrived safely in Paris.

Are you a member of the Singapore Club in Paris? Or the SSAF?

sohcool a dit…

Hi Moohan,
Yes, it's such a small world. Blogging is the new way to make friends.

Hi beau lotus,
Do you know D from Daily Affairs personally? I see that you are in italy. I have never been there yet.
I am neither a member of Singapore Club in Paris or the SSAF. Why do you ask?

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Sohcool,

Yes, I've met D on my last trip home.

If you're in Paris, and if you're Singaporean, you may wish to join the Singapore Club in order to keep in touch with our fellow countrymen in the city and have makan sessions etc. Until 3 years ago (before we moved to Germany) I was a member and have made a few good friends thru the Club.

I used to live in Paris (did my Post-Grad at Sc Po and was 1st a member of the SSAF) and hopefully will return to live there in my old age (we have a flat at metro Kleber). Just love Paris.

Now we're in Italy as you know. If you haven't been here, it's not a big loss. France has enough to offer for a long while. Vive la France!