dimanche, juin 01, 2008

Nicole and Balcony updates

I came back from Luxembourg on Friday evening and Nicole arrived at the same train station as me but 2 hours later. As I was too tired from my work trip, I did not waited for her.

It had been a year and a half since I last met her. Gosh. Time flies. I met her up yesterday with Alexandra and we had a good catch up. We first had sushi dinner in the Opera area, followed by a Ben and Jerry ice cream at St Germaine des Pres. Our last stop was of course at the Irish pub Coolin's. Nicole made me discovered this place four years ago and each time she visited Paris, we would have a drink there. It's tradition!

Nicole will be heading back to Frankfurt this evening. I promised her that we would visit her like the last time we did in Munich. We had so much fun then. I am just amazed at our long distance friendship. I am glad that Germany and France are not that far away.

Other than recounting my constant visits of the month, I would also like to update about my balcony. Below are some lovely photos I took this morning. My lavendar plant had survived the winter and is again producing lavendar flowers.

About a month ago, I went to buy more pots to line up my long balcony with flowers. Here are some of the blooming flowers.

I am also glad that my geranium had survived the winter too. Last winter was not that harsh and cold. They are blooming really well.

Being ambitious, I tried to grow cherry tomatoes and chillis. I also bought a small coriander plant. With the good weather, they are growing so well that my flower pot is getting too small for them. I guess I would need to transfer a few to an individual big pot.

On the table, I also grow mint leaves. I was advised to put them in an individual pot as mint plants grow very fast and can invade all space given destroying other plants around them.

Now, when I cook chinese soup, I could have fresh coriander leaves and when I make tea, I could have mint leaves to go with it.

By september, I hope to have some cherry tomatoes from my "garden" to add to my salad.

2 commentaires:

Beau Lotus a dit…

Amazing your green fingers because every single plant I've tried to grow this spring died as usual.

singairishgirl a dit…

That's truly wonderful and your garden looks amazing. I don't really have green fingers but if I lived where you are, I wouldn't mind trying my hand out at growing them. :) Hope you had a good trip.