dimanche, juin 01, 2008

Luxembourg again

After a long break of not travelling for work, I started my first work trip of the year to Helsinki in the middle of May followed by Luxembourg. This was my second time to Luxembourg and this time, I took the TGV train. I would prefer taking the train as there was less hussle. No need to be 30mins in advance at the airport, no check-in, train stations location are right in town.

For lunch, my client brought us to this little italian restaurant. The deco was very 1920s and it was a charming, cozy place with beams along the ceiling.

As it was the season of asperagus, we could find meals with this vegetables being offered. I love asperagus and naturally ordered the baked pasta with asperagus. It was indeed good but too big a portion for me.

The next day's lunch was recommended by a user. It was at La table du pain. Initially, I wanted to do a take-away but the decoration was so nicely done up that I decided to eat there. It had this really country-home atmosphere with big farm tables. Don't you agree that the place looks nice?

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