dimanche, août 10, 2008

Olympic, NDP and balcony updates

Time flies. It has been more than 4 years since I stay in France. I did a blog entry on the opening of the Olympic games back then and I was amazed that I had been writing for 4 years now. I must say that I had forgotten about some trivials and reading them in my blog months/years later helps to bring back my memory.

Le temps passe vite. Je suis en France depuis plus de 4 ans. J'ai écris sur l'ouverture des jeux l'Olympiques il y a 4 ans et je suis surpris de toujours écrire. J'avoue que j'ai oublié quelques petites choses et en lisant mon blog de temps en temps, j'ai retrouvé ma mémoire.

08 August 2008 08.08pm: As I was working during the opening of the Olympic games, I could only catch it from time to time on internet or on the office TV. I managed to see 2 seconds footage of a group of Singaporeans passing by. I enjoyed the performances put up by the chinese though I think it would be more spectular watching from the stadium itself. Somehow, the TV could not display the right lightings and brillant colours.

08 Août 2008 20h08: Comme j'ai travaillé pendant l'ouverture du JO, j'ai regardé de temps en temps sur Internet ou la télé du bureau. J'ai réussi à voir pendant 2 secondes le groupe de Singapouriens. J'ai aimé la performance donnée par les chinois même si je pense que c'était certainement mieux de le voir sur place. La télé n'arrivait pas à montrer les luminaires et les couleurs avec précision.

09 August 2008: Happy birthday Singapore. Singapore has turned 43. However, I missed the National Day Parade as I was out having lunch with granny-in-law. I do wish prosperity for ALL Singaporeans.

09 Août 2008: Joyeux anniversaire Singapour. Singapour a 43 ans. Je n'ai pas regardé la défilé car j'étais en train de déjeuner avec belle-mamie. Je souhaite la prospérité à tous les Singapouriens.

10 August 2008: Balcony updates again. My cherry tomatoes are turning red. So far, I had harvested 50 of them out of my 4 tomatoe plants. I used them in salad and during aperitif. They tasted good. There are still a few dozens on the plants. The ROI (return of investments) is pretty high. It feels good to be eating my own crops though for the moment, it is limited to cherry tomatoes. I even gave a dozen to my neighbour this evening.

10 Août 2008: La mise à jour à propos de mon balcon. Mes tomates cerises sont rouges. J’en ai déjà cueilli une cinquantaine parmi mes 4 plantes. J’en ai utilisé dans la salade et pendant l'apéritif. Elles sont bonnes. Il en reste encore quelques douzaines. Le ROI est justifié. C’est bon de manger ma récolte. Mais, pour le moment, elle est limité aux tomates cerise. J'en ai même donné une douzaine à ma voisine ce soir.For the rest of my plants, they are not doing so well. It is very windy on the balcony and most of my flowers are faring badly. I wonder if this windy season is unique as it is our first year in this appartment. I have to source for hardy plants for the next planting season. Any recommendations?

Pour les autres plantes, elles ne vont pas bien. Il y a du vent sur mon balcon et mes fleurs le supportent mal. Je me demande si ce vent est unique pour cette saison car c’est notre première année dans cet appartement. Je vais me procurer des plantes vivaces pour la prochaine saison de plantation. Les propositions sont les bienvenues !

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Paradoxical Carrie a dit…

Wish I could plant cherry tomoatoes or any edible greens on my balcony too but I can't! Those birds (mynahs) are feasting on any fruit/berries they can find in my area! Those birds are getting on my nerves these days... I've got to scrub my balcony/ledges every now and then cos they wld any how shit after they had their fill of berries growing out of my neighbour's balcony. Argh!

Hope I will have the chance to eat ur fruits of labour when I visit u. And whenever the tot of visiting u comes to my mind, I get all excited.. Hee! :P

sohcool a dit…

Start with your lavendar seeds. Actually, cherry tomatoe plants grow up to 1.5m. They look unsightly on my balcony especially with the wind. I think I will grow normal tomatoes next time as they are shorter.

Depending on when you will be here, I may only have mint leaves to offer you. Start planning.....

SIG a dit…

Ooo wow, congrats! The fruit of your labour. My little one would surely enjoy them with you, plus she loves those tiny cube cheeses too. ;)

sohcool a dit…

If she does go ireland, come visit me on the way. Depending on her age, I will serve her something else than wine. ;)

MomiJJ a dit…

The cherry tomatoes look great. How I wish I manage to grow some veg along my corridoor. haha