dimanche, octobre 25, 2009

All in a day's work (maybe two)

I went London for a worktrip on wednesday. It was an overnight affair and it was the first time I was away from baby A. To make things difficult, baby A was sick. As winter approached, a lot of people were down with cold. We could not make a quick appointment with the doctors. They were either fully booked for the next two weeks or the timing was not right. There was a doctor near our place who started at 6am. Seb brought baby A there at 6.15am and there was already 7 people before him. While I reached London via Eurostar at 8.30am, baby A just finished his consultation with the doctor. He had a little fever and Seb had to stay at home with him for the day.

The next day, baby A was well enough to go to the infant care center. If he still had fever, baby A's grand-father would have to come from Chartres to pick him up for an overnight stay there. This was because Seb had a meeting in Belgium and could not cancel it.

We both returned to Gare du Nord at around the same time. 8pm. I rushed home to pick up baby A from the nanny. As the infant care center closed early at 6.15pm, we had a nanny to occasionally fetch baby A from the infant care center at 5pm. We would then pick him up from the nanny's place (just a floor down from my appartment) at 7pm.

It was a very tiring 2 days for us. As economy is picking up, Seb and I have to start travelling again. As I am writing this, Seb just arrives in Amsterdam. I will be alone with baby A for 2 days. Hats off to single moms. I will never be able to stay zen if I had to take care of baby A alone. I am really thankful to Seb for his 100% participation as a dad. Bisous papa!

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