dimanche, octobre 04, 2009

A new chapter

Baby A has been at the infant care since a week. Things are going well. Our lives have settled into a comfortable routine.
Baby A is at 4 feeds of milk per day. He usually starts his day at 7.30am with 210ml of milk. At the infant care, he drinks at around 11.30am of 180ml of milk. Tea time is between 4 to 5pm with a fruit compote and 180ml of milk. At home, he would drink 210ml around 9pm before sleeping through the night.
My first week of work was slow and steady except for a bad news that really disturbed my state of mind. My colleague passed away suddenly on tues morning. I returned to work on monday and we talked a little. He asked what was the "saucisse" (sausage) that I brought to office. I explained that it was the famous pineapple tarts from Singapore (Bengawang Solo). I was saddened by his demise. So was everyone else in office.
Back to our home affairs.....
A new chapter has started with Baby A going to the infant care. Me starting work. Seb continuing his work. Despite extra domestic workload, we are coping well. Of course, I have less time and inspiration to post new entry. I do love to write. But at the moment, I spend whatever free time I have to update on baby A's journal. It will be great to keep track when he starts to flip, his reaction to compote, etc....

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