dimanche, octobre 18, 2009

Half Marathon

Last year, I witnessed the Saint Denis Half Marathon from my balcony. Today, I witnessed it again. It was pretty entertaining watching men and women; fat or thin, tall or short, young or old enjoying their passion. RUNNING. The slim and tall men were the ones heading the race.
On two occasions, I saw wheelchair bounded person being pushed by his running partner. The runners moved forward in a silent procession. Only once did I hear two ladies chatting while running.

We are not a family of runners. Seb and I have no interest in jogging or running at all. In fact, we detest jogging. I very much preferred watching people running pass my balcony on a good sunny day. I tried to get baby A to watch the runners but he only noticed the flowers on the balcony and tried to put them in his mouth. At the moment, nothing interest him except things that he could put in his mouth. Well, so be it.

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