dimanche, septembre 18, 2011

Baby blues

No, I'm not having that kind of baby blues. I'm having baby blue on my nails.
While getting milk for the kids at Monoprix during lunch time, I grabbed a small bottle of nail polish. The last time I bought a nail color was in July and I got a pale beige color that showed no effects on my nails. The color was similar to my natural nail color. Furthermore, I realised that I already had this color nail polish at home. Err.... Once biten, twice still not shy. Got conned into buying the same color that showed no effects. Where is my memory??!

That's why I chose baby blue color this time. Took the photo below while going to work. I was stuck behind a rubbish collector truck. It was a one lane road so I just had to be patience. Now, that's flashy isn't it. I think I will start trying out other colors. Yes, I have more 'me' time since the 2 boys sleep in separate rooms. Yipee.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Love it! I have that colour too! Sometimes a splash of colour makes a big difference!

- Carmen

MomiJJ a dit…

Just in time for the Smurf craze. hahaha..

la la la la la la Sing a Happy Song.
la la la la la la Ashely smurfing her nail along.


sohcool a dit…

Hi Carmen, Thanks for loving the colour.
Hi Momi of 2Js, Seems like you are still smurfing. Glad that you somehow managed to watch it in the end. Let big J smurf her nails this colour too.