vendredi, septembre 02, 2011

The circus room

As you might have read earlier, we put our two boys in the same bedroom. But it was not working out. Each night/early morning, either one would wake up the other. Baby A2 cried at times in the middle of the night and woke up toddler A1. Toddler A1 woke up around 5.30am and started calling for his papa and woke up baby A2.

We decided to put toddler A1 in the 'playroom'. After all, it was easier to just move his bed to the other room. We got rid of the old computer and the computer table to make room for a play tent. The only one I found at Toys 'R Us was a circus tent. Once his bed was moved over and the tent put up, we invited toddler A1 to see the surprise. He took a look and did not even want to go into the tent. He then went back to watch his cartoons on the IPad. Seb and I looked at each other and shook our heads. We were anticipating his excitements at our efforts but I guessed we held too much hopes. Funny parents.
For his afternoon nap, toddler A1 went to bed without any problem in his new room. He checked out his tent and loved it so much that each night, we (toddler A1 and I) read stories in it. He invited his papa to join him but Seb declined. He told his son in french: 'If papa goes in, there won't be any tent left.' Interesting, baby A2 is not allowed into tent by his brother. Each time baby A2 tried to crawl in, his brother would be upset and said 'No, no no!' It is not easy to explain to toddler A1 that he has to share with his brother.

For the bare wall, I looked up internet for some stickers and got a set of circus themed stickers from Berceaumagique. I received them really fast and we as a family had a good time pasting them on the wall. Toddler A1 was all excited and I can tell he likes his room with the funny stickers.
And now, the boys do not wake up each other. Goal achieved. Next up, I will try to take photos of Baby A2's room and do a post for memory sake.

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