lundi, septembre 12, 2011

Disney Studio

My ex-neighbour asked if I was interested to bring toddler A1 to Disney Studio as she had a lobang (good deal). She had an annual pass and was able to invite friends to Disney for one third of the usual price during septembre.

We made it to Disney Studio two saturdays ago. As our kids were young, Nadia felt that Disney Studio would be more appropriate than Disneyland Park. Disney park was too big and the boys were too young for most rides.

Our target was to get there early, catched 2 shows and leave. Here we were waiting for the show 'Animagique'.

Toddler A1 was frightened when the lights went out but he got all excited when Mickey and Donald made their apparences.

After the show, we queued up for a ride. But when it was our turn, toddler A1 backed out. He did not want to take the ride. Ended up, we watched our friends took it. Somehow, he loved high slides but had no courage for kiddy rides.

We grabbed a quick lunch. With the limited choice, I ordered a burger and fries with cherry tomatoes and yoghurt drink. But alas, toddler A1 ate everything except the burger. Nadia offered him chicken nuggets but he did not want. He was not a burger person.

At noon, we watched the Disney Playhouse show. It was fun and the boys enjoyed it.

We left Disney Studio by 1pm and the boys dozed off in the car. It was a magical outing for them. I did not take many photos as we did not tour around the place. Our eyes were fixed on our kids as there were too many people around. Oh, lots of little girls in princess costumes. :) Is that every little girl's dream?

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