mardi, octobre 18, 2011

A2 is walking by himself

At 10 months old, he was on his two feet. He cruised around the appartment holding onto furnitures or our hands. He was getting more and more confident though often, his butt weighed down on him and he sat down after a few steps.

2 weeks ago, he could walk steadily by holding onto our one finger. He just needed assurance.

Last sunday, we went to the park. While his brother was running around, he took 2, 3 steps all by himself to get his hand on the tennis racket. He then sat down, took a break and when we lifted him up, he took a few steps again.

Today, he walked from the kitchen to the living room. What a joy. He walks at 12.5 months old. Almost 1.5 months earlier than his brother. But that also means we will have other issues to worry.

Already, he could climb up the sofa. Something that toddler A1 never tried until much older. Baby A2 tried to stand on his brother's stool to reach the object on the table which we deliberately put out of his reach.

He is a very determinded boy and we could tell that his brother has a strong influence on him. That just explains why he is doing things at an earlier age than toddler A1. Baby A2 has someone to copy. Just hoping that toddler A1 will be a good example. At 2.5 years old, it is just impossible to make him behave in front of his brother.

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