vendredi, octobre 28, 2011

Baby A2's room

As promised in my earlier post (the one on toddler A1's new room), I'm showing you baby A2's room.

This used to be toddler A1's room. When baby A2 came along, the two boys shared the room. However, they both woke each other up and we decided to separate them.

The color theme of the room is blue and yellow. The lampshade is blue and the curtain has yellow flowers on it.

This photo was taken by toddler A1. We got the carpet from Ikea. The fire engine truck was a gift from Ah Ma when toddler A1 was in Singapore this april. The drawing board was a gift for baby A2 from friend in Singapore. The orange helmet was from the boys' uncle. Yeah, toys are randomly lying around. And due to limited storage space, I put them as near to the wall as possible.
Baby A2 is walking really well. I have to make sure the toys do not get in the passage of baby A2. In the photo below, the 2 boys were playing with a plastic fan until toddler A1 walked away with it leaving baby A2 staring after him and bursting into tears.

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Anonyme a dit…

What a lovely room!
Kiki's room is just functional and not as cosy. (KC)