mardi, mars 13, 2012


Each time I go to the chinese supermarket nearby my place, I would see these little crabs in a big tall bin. And there would always be people bending over the bin to select some crabs.

Well, these little things seemed to be so popular with the mainland chinese that I decided to take 4 to try last weekend. And they were as expensive as durians. 1kg was going for 20.60€. Wow. A china man told me these crabs worth gold in China. Even with money, they couldn't find it. So he was happily selecting them. My 4 crabs cost me 7.50€.

I washed them a little and put them in a pot of water and boiled until they turned red. The verdict: I was conned. There was hardly anything to eat from these little things. I really wonder what is all the hooha about this chinese crab.

2 commentaires:

MomiJJ a dit…

I think these crabs are not the meat crabs we had in Spore. Most likely those China crab that only eat the roe and not the meat.

sohcool a dit…

Yeah, a friend told me that too. I am not sure I picked the female crabs. The kids' nanny told me this is not the season for crabs. Kenna con.