mardi, mars 27, 2012

Ricotta and courgette Quiche

I am never a cream and egg mixture person. So quiche is the last thing I would order for lunch. I have been thinking of cooking new dishes for the kids. And everyone told me that quiche is really easy to do and well accepted by kids.

I checked out a vegetarian recipe and indeed, it was not difficult. I bought the pastry crust, cooked the courgette and mixed it with fresh cream and 2 eggs and some cheese. Poured the mixture into the pastry crust and baked for 30mins. That was it.

The verdict? I did eat it and found that it was not too bad. A1 won't touch it. A2 ate it. The thing is, I think I started A1 too late on western food. He did not like lasagne which I had started to make since last month. A2 took it well.

A1 is going to school come Sept. I hope he will get used to canteen food as everyone is served the same food (western food). Unlike in Singapore where we can choose from many stalls what we want to eat.

So here's a pic of the quiche before going to the oven.

And here is the one when it was baked. I think my oven was too hot.

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, I would love to have this.I am so cream & egg.

sohcool a dit…

Hi Kiki-mommy, then start making this and share with your kids. There are so many cream and egg dishes and desserts in France. I have to train my boys early.

MomiJJ a dit…

it looks good...

sohcool a dit…

Thank you MomiJJ. You often dish up good chinese food. Maybe you should try this for your kids.

MomiJJ a dit…

I will try making one. I am not too confident with dishes that involve milk and cream cos Lawrence, Julian I not really milk and cream dish person. Janelle taste can change quite often although she usually is adventous to try new things but she is very particular about the taste and the freshness of the ingredients.