samedi, mars 03, 2012

Mixed languages

Things have been quiet over here. The boys are sleeping well, playing togather and just growing. Life is such a routine thus there is not much updates over here.

This morning, I went into A1's room when I heard him calling for us. He shitted and I could smell it once in his room. I picked him up and asked "What did you eat, man?" referring to his stinking poo. He replied me "Ge ge no pas encore eat". I burst out laughing. This was the first time he actually made a sentence. Usually it was just adjective and noun. Like "big tree", "big bus", "small ball" etc...

OK. It was not a complete correct sentence. There were a mix of 3 languages. Ge ge = big brother in chinese which he was referring to himself. Pas encore = not yet. So he actually meant that he had not eaten anything and was pointing his finger to his mouth.

Just yesterday, the nanny told me that she commented on A1's socks saying they were very nice. The nanny only speaks chinese to the boys. A1 replied "mouse" as that was the design of the socks. The nanny does not understand english and thought that A1 was saying "moche". Moche is ugly in french. I explained that A1 did not know about this word yet and was saying mouse. What a misunderstanding. Actually, he finds the socks nice as he wears them and does not want to take them off even for bedtime.

Come Septembre, A1 will be going to school. I hope the teacher will be understanding with him when he starts mixing languages.

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