jeudi, janvier 26, 2012


Saw fresh durian at the chinese supermarket. 13.50€ per kg. They smelled so good that I succumbed to temptation and bought one without knowing how to open it.

The durian was slighly more than 2 kg and it was really good. From the photo below, one can tell how I massacred it. Seb helped out too since he had more force than me. Mum always made it look so easy when she opened durians. Now I knew better. Durian opening is really a profession. I guess I would need more experience but the price is steep. I paid 28€ for this durian and thank God it turned out good. If it had been otherwise, gone were the money and effort in opening it.

Oh, A2 loved it while A1 did not even want to smell it. As for Seb, he told me to eat all up ASAP as the fridge was smelling of durian.

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