mardi, janvier 24, 2012

Galette des rois

Despite missing Chinese New Year in Singapore, I do enjoy other festive celebrations in France. I love Christmas in France. Right after Christmas and New Year, there is the tradition of having a galette des rois (Kings' cake). Normally, we have the galette on Epiphany which is the 6 January. But we can buy the galette des rois from the bakeries and supermarkets throughout the month of January.

Last Friday, our company organised a galette des rois party. We had cidre with the galette. In each galette, there was a trinket hidden. The person who had that trinket would be the king or the queen of that day and had to wear a crown. We had 5 galettes des rois that day and ended up with 3 kings and 2 queens.

Below are some photos. First, of the whole galette. This one was overburnt. Second photo showing a trinket found. And lastly, the king with his crown.

Come February, there will be another celebration, the Chandeleur. I tried Wikipedia and the english translation was "Presentation of Jesus at the Temple". This time, we would have to eat crepes. I tried to make some last year at home but it was not well received by the family. I think I will give it a pass this year.

Next, I'm looking forward to Easter. The kids will have fun collecting eggs at their grandparents' garden.

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