mardi, janvier 10, 2012

string Sick_leave = NULL;

I was looking at how many days of leave I have left for the year when I came across the information of our development team days of presence. We are a team of 8. For last year, 5 of us including myself did not take a single medical leave. The 3 others took a day, two and three respectively. I find this quite a record. Of course I did consult the doctor last year but nothing serious enough to be confined at home. I thank God for good health.
I remembered when I first came to France, my mum was worried as I was often sick in Singapore. I think living in a less stressful environment makes me healthier. Working overtime like crazy in Singapore makes one weak. I have friends who are sick now and then in Singapore. They are sometimes "sick" of going to work and I guess the body responds to the mental state.
I just hope that I will continue with this record for this year.

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