lundi, janvier 16, 2012

One pacifier gone. One more to go.

Since 23 Dec 2011, A1 has stopped using a pacifier. I would not have thought it would be so easy.

Once the boys reached a year old, we would leave the pacifier at home when we went out. They could nap in the car seats without a pacifier. But at home, they were allowed to use their pacifier any time though I prefer to limit the usage to bedtime.

Since toddler A1 had full set of teeth, he had been biting his pacifier. I had to change his broken pacifier so often that I tried to make him stop using it. I explained to him that he was a big boy; his teeth would drop if he uses a pacifier (this worked for a friend's son) etc. But each time, he cried for one. And since there was always spare at home, I would sterilize a new one for him.

Last Nov, I told him that the new red pacifier
was the last one he was going to get. If it was broken, there won't be a new one. I was not sure that he would abide to my rule. On 23 Dec, I discovered a tear on his pacifier and told him that it had to go to the rubbish bin. He obeyed and threw the pacifier into the bin. I told him that he won't get a new one. He was sad but said nothing. And he never asked for a pacifier from me after that. I was apprehensive when it was bed time but he went to bed with his comfort toy "OB" and slept easily. He had asked for a pacifier from his father and the nanny but each of them told him that he did not need it. He had on a few occasions used his brother's pacifier. I guess it was more for memory sake and not a need because he removed it after a short while.

Now, there is only toddler A2 using a pacifier. Hope he will get rid of it once he has his full set of teeth.

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