mardi, juillet 03, 2012

Gardening and parasol

The first weekend at the new house, we set to work on the garden. Though we had limited tools, we tried to tidy up. A1 helped by staying beside his dad and giving him moral support. There were many rubbish (bricks, wooden planks, heaps of dead leaves) behind the garden shed and Seb was cleaning up that area. I was pulling out weeds and A1 came and helped too. He insisted in wearing his rain boots though the ground was hard and dry. But well, he did had that gardener look with that attire. 
When we visited the hardware shop, we bought a big parasol. It was too hot to dine in the garden without any shade. We are all spotting a tan just after a few days in the garden. This parasol is huge and covers almost the whole table. Next in our list is a BBQ. Let's hope the weather stays sunny so that we can eat outdoors and do BBQ often.

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