vendredi, juillet 06, 2012

The trees in the garden

I live in a village where there is no shops. When choosing a house, this was not an important criteria. I wanted to live in a place where there is at least a school. So here we are, in this village, there is a school for young children. In order to keep the school functioning, the village population must have enough school-going children. Depending on the policy of the village mayor, he may decide to close the school when there are too few students or attract young families to settle down. 

In this village's case, the village mayor among other reasons than the one cited above, sold land for housing development. Our previous owner bought a plot of land and had the house built 5 years ago. Our neighbour opposite us actually built his own house. I find that amazing. In this housing development, there were about 15 houses built. This ensures a growth of population and having younger villagers.

The village mayor imposed certain rules for the houses. Since our house was already built, I did not know about the house details (design, style, material, colour). But I was told that there must be at least 3 trees in each garden.    

I mentioned long ago to a friend that my future house should have a cherry tree. When I told her I bought a house, she actually asked if there was a cherry tree. And yes, we do have a young cherry tree though that was not a decisive factor. In addition, we have an apple tree and a prune tree. The trees are not much taller than me. In April, there were cherries. The apples on the apple tree are small and I shall see if they are edible come Oct. As for the prune tree, I have no idea when is its fruit season.

So there we have, the 3 trees in my garden.

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this is interesting (the trees) =)

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