lundi, juillet 02, 2012


We moved from our appartment to the house a week ago. These were the boxes in the living room and there were more in A1's room. We had a total of around 60 boxes and I had emptied almost all of them. The last 10 were really headache as we did not have space for the contents in them. Yeah, it sounded weird that I mentioned a lack of space since I moved from 80m² to 140m². In the old appartment, there was more storage space since there were built in cupboard in all the rooms. Now, I need new furnitures to contain these stuff. New cupboards and drawers for A1's room, new wardrobe for our room, a cabinet in the dining area for our glasswares and plates.
Before we got these furnitures, we bought a basketball stand instead for the kids. They had so much fun running in and out of the house to play in the garden. The weather was nice and warm so far. 
 This is the backview of the house. The kids adapted really well and slept soundly from the first night. Each morning, the kids woke us up early at 6.30am and each night, Seb and I slept past midnight trying our best to put things in order. We visited the hardware store ever so often to get things for the house and the garden. We were exhausted.
With the good sunny weather and a few showers once in the night and twice in the morning, the grass were growing at lightning speed. Seb ordered a trimmer and a lawn mower and it was delivered this afternoon. He had left for a work trip and would only be back on Sat evening. Living in this small village, I can't help feeling that our neighbours are checking out on us. Prior to moving in, on 2 occasions, 2 neighbours came and informed us that the outdoor lights were left on for 2 days. Until Seb mows the lawn this weekend, this would be the only house with an unsightly garden in this neighbourhood. For the moment, I can live with that.  

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