vendredi, janvier 04, 2013

A2 marked the new year

A new year has come. 2013 is declared to be a difficult year in France and Germany. Since I am not working for three quarters of the year, I will not be affected in terms of work. I just hope next year will be better for the economy.

We celebrated New Year's day eve with Anca and family. We had lunch togather and the boys were well behaved. On the second day of new year, I bought some washable felt tip pens for the boys since they had fun using them at Anca's place. 

Yesterday, I was greeted with A2's drawing on the walls after lunch. While A1 was cooking lunch with me, A2 was having a blast scribbling the furnitures, the walls, the stair and the floor. I thought he was playing quietly with the floor puzzle. How wrong was I. Thank God the ink was highly washable and I managed to clean up the mess. Still, it took me a good half an hour to wipe everything off.

I took pictures before wiping the walls. I actually laughed when I saw what he did. If it had been permanent ink, I wonder would I still have kept my cool.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Waa! what a big section he drew on. haha. good thing it's removable ink. Kiki drew all over with colour-pencils and the shadows are still there. They just love to draw on walls don't they =)

MomiJJ a dit…

it is non washable, u can start buying paint and fill in the colors. The wall lines looks like water wave in the sea. Add on a boat, sun, some sea gulfs to make it into a picture. hahaha