lundi, janvier 21, 2013

Ski suit, rain boots and snowman

It snowed the whole day today. While Seb stayed at home to look after A2, I walked A1 to school in his ski suit and rain boots. I took a bag to bring back the suit and boots but his teacher told me to leave him in them. She told me when the kids played outside, A1 would be dressed. I noticed there were other kids in ski suits too. Even a few parents wore ski suits and ski boots. We had never ski with the kids but I bought this set of ski suit when Seb was in the states recently as Osh Gosh B'osh was having sale. A1 used the ski jacket and now the overalls came in handy.  

When I was young in Singapore, if it rained, I would wear slippers to school and change into my white school shoes when I reach school. And we did not play in the rain. Here, the children play everyday comes rain or shine or snow. What a cultural difference.

In the evening, I picked up A1 by car because I did not want A2 to walk along the slippery and narrow cleared path. Seb was still in office. After the afternoon snack, the boys and I tried snowman making. The snow was compact but it was not easy making big round balls. As each kid wanted a carrot, we had two carrots on a snowman. Looking at the photo above, it looked as though the snowman had been stabbed with a carrot in his tummy. Funny. I am inexperience in snowman making. Hopefully, I will improve with practise. For the next few days, it seems that I would  have plenty of chance to do just that. Snowman building practice.


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