dimanche, janvier 20, 2013

Snowy weekend

It had been snowing the whole day today. We cancelled lunch at a friend's place in Paris as we felt that it was not safe to drive in this weather condition. We stayed put at home and the kids had fun in the garden.   

There was 10cm of snow fall. A2 wanted to play with the slide but we told him no. He would get his butt all wet. So, he went to play basketball. This boy plays basketball rain or shine or even snow. A1 tried to make a snowman with his father but the snow was too soft. 

The day before, it snowed during the night. Before we headed to Paris for lunch at a friend's place, the boys played in the snow while Seb prepared the car by clearing the snow and heating it up. It was A2's first experience walking in the snow. It took him a few minutes to step into the snow and walk around.

Our drive to Paris was smooth as it was not snowing and the highway had been cleared of snow. I had a great time catching up with my two singaporean girl friends. The kids had fun collecting snow from the steps on the City Hall of Paris District 15. The girls' mother was surprised that we brought a bag of snow home while she stayed with the baby.

It will snow tomorrow during the day. We are stuck in the village.Good thing there is still food in the fridge. I will just bring A1 to school and A2 to his baby gym by foot.

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