vendredi, novembre 21, 2014

The pop up Jungle book

 I ordered this book from Amazon as I read good reviews about it. I was so excited when I received it. I would like to give it as a Christmas present to my nephew who is taking English in his high school. However, Seb told me that he would be too old to be interested in such books. Maybe I will just keep it for my boys though I felt they are still young and might easily destroy this exquisite and delicate book.

This pop-up Jungle book is AMAZING. I love the engineering of this pop up book. I have no idea paper can be so 3D.
Just look at these pages. They are full of details. I love this book.
We still have a few weeks to Christmas. Maybe I will just change my mind and present it to the boys on Christmas. I am sharing about this book because it is an ideal Christmas present for children.

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