dimanche, juillet 19, 2015

14 July

We watched two fireworks in celebration of the French National day. On 13 July, we went to the neighbour town's football field and watched fireworks. We reached at around 10.30pm and once the sky was totally dark at around 11pm, the fireworks started. This was the second time the boys watched live fireworks. Their first was last year's 14 July in the south of France when we were on vacation.

The firework display was a small scale but nevertheless, we enjoyed it as we were up close. A fireworks went off course and fell on the grass. As it had been a very dry season, it started a small fire with lots of smoke. That was the side attraction. When the fire engine arrived, the fire had been put out.

The boys slept at midnight which was really rare. The next day, we went to visit our friends an hour and half drive's away. We left at 5pm and had a quick dinner in Paris on the way home. The boys wanted to watch fireworks again as there was a bigger scale that night at Rambouillet. I told the tired boys that if they slept in the car, I would not wake them up. So they kept themselves awake all the way home. We reached home at 8pm and had a quick shower. At 10pm, we drove to Rambouillet, parked our car rather far from the castle's park and walked 15mins to get there. There were many people. 

I took the camera this time and was happy to get some decent photos of the beautiful fireworks.

The boys have grown up. They can stay awake pass midnight now without napping and yet wake up at 7.30am as usual.

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