mardi, juillet 21, 2015

Parc Babyland

In June, with two other mothers and their boys, we missed school on a Wednesday (9am to 12pm) and headed to Parc Babyland. We were a total of six boys and three mothers. The park was about an hour's drive away and I had a mother with her two boys in our 7 seater Touran. The four boys were making lots of noises while I had a good chat with the mother.

We arrived just in time for the opening at 10.30am. It was not a big park and there was no queue. I think the park was a hidden treasure as it was by word of mouth that we came to know this park. Maybe that was why it was not crowded.

Most of the rides were operated by ourselves. There were start and stop buttons at each amusement ride and once the children were seated, it was the adult who pushed the button to start the ride. A ride lasted three minutes unless the stop button was pushed. 
The boys had great fun with the giant slide. As A2 had not pass the height limit, I had to do it with him. It was thrilling.
There was also a mini roller coaster just beside the giant slide. We did these a few times.

There were two trains rides and below was a photo of the six boys.
 Tricycles were available at a corner. A1 being the sweet older boy rode the younger boys around. They rode round and round and were never tired.

We stopped for a picnic lunch. There were picnic tables under the shade. Lunch could be bought there but we brought our own. One mother made a tomato salade, another made quiche while I made banana cakes and brought watermelon.

The boys continued to have fun with bouncy castles and other fun rides. The horse ride was the highlight. As the boys were not 120cm yet,, they took turns to ride with me. It was like the real thing with the horse trotting and galloping.

My boys tried the doggy ride aka viking boat with glee. I thought they would be afraid but no. They were waving at me when they reached the high end.

We called it a day at 5pm. The boys spent a long time at the balls pool. It was deep and the youngest boy sank in and had to be pulled out by his mother when his brother alerted us.

When leaving, A1 asked if he could come every wed. The boys love the park. I love it too. It cost a friction of the price we pay to go Disneyland and best of all, there was no queue. We would surely come back again. I told Anca about this park and she went recently. She told me her boy cried when they were leaving at closing time. We shall organise a day there togather. It has to be soon because this park is for young children.

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