mardi, juillet 07, 2015

School year end show and funfair

Summer school holiday starts this week. Two weeks ago, the boys performed at the school year end show. A1 did some traditional dances from Africa, France and Ireland. A2 danced to a funny french song. I could not find the title. He also tapped on a stick to the rhythm of The Carnival of the Animals (Camille Saint-Saëns). 

After the mini concert by the four classes, the funfair started. We had BBQ sandwich lunches before the boys went off to play and I took up a stand twisting balloons. The kids requested for swords, sabres, flowers etc...

We bought the boys 20 tickets to play at the various stalls. Each game stall would give a token once the game ended. With the tokens, the children could exchange some small gifts. 

The night before, I made flower bracelet ballons and doggy balloons. I enrolled A1's best friend's mother to help me with the stand. She dropped by after the kids were in bed and we practised making more complicated balloon sculptures. I think we are getting really good.

At the end of the funfair, there was a lucky draw. Each year, I bought 5 tickets and never won anything. This year, I bought 10 and won a voucher worth 40€ from the cakeshop. I was thrilled. The cake came in time for my birthday at end of June.

A1 is promoted to CP and is no longer in kindergarten. He is in elementary school now. As the village school is both a kindergarten and elementary school (primary school), it does not make a difference for A1. Furthermore as his teacher is teaching GS (Grande Section) and CP togather, A1 would be with Claire again. A2 is promoted to GS. He has spent his first two years of kindergarten with Sophie. He would find himself in the same class as A1 again with a new teacher.

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