jeudi, décembre 18, 2008

Black rice vinegar and confinement

Angel was here on work trip recently and upon my mom's request, he helped me brought two bottles of black rice vinegar. Seb and I met up with him and his colleagues and we had a good dinner togather.

What is so special about this particular black rice vinegar? Well, Mom insisted that this is the only brand that I must eat during my confinement period. No other brand in Paris Chinatown will do. During the confinement period, it is necessary to eat lots of pig's trotters cooked in vinegar. I am not sure of the taste of this dish but since mom is such a good cook, I am sure I will enjoy it.

So what is confinement? This is something I explained to Seb long ago and recently explained to my mom-in-law and friends. It was never easy explaining and each time, I got bewildered eyes looking at me. Basically, confinement is something Singaporean women practiced for a month right after giving birth. Common practices include: No touching of water, no contact with wind, no heavy works, rest, rest and more rest.

I found two links that explained confinement really well. Mom will be my confinement lady; taking care of me. Since this will be her first time, I will negotiate with her to have showers every day!

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Helios a dit…

Oh well, my M broke almost every rule on the book. She showered, washeh hair, slept air-con room, ate seafood, eggs and chicken (secretly coz supposedly can't eat these coz she went for c-section)and walked ard in shorts.

But Grandma was telling her, 'when you old then you know'.

PS: She LOVED black vinegar trotters

PPS: She found this really simple confinment recipe too, just put chicken and DOM and wolfberries in slow cooker.

sohcool a dit…

Hi Helios,
Thanks for the PPS receipe. How often did your M take black vinegar trotters? I was told not to eat too much (how much is too much?) if breast feeding.