vendredi, décembre 26, 2008

Boxing day

Seb and I spent a good Christmas with Seb's family in Chartres. This year, I had to abstain myself from eating smoked salmon, oysters and unpasterised cheese. Things which I always look forward to feasting during this year end festival. Seb did not even drink any wine as he had to drive us home after the Christmas lunch. That was difficult for him as he saw the good wine passing under his nose.

Today, both of us did not work. Seb's office is closed and his company imposed a day off for everyone. As for my office, today is considered a holiday for us. So though I did not work, I did not have to take a day off like Seb.

We went Paris for a walk. I had prawn dumplings noodle soup at Mirama in Saint Michel. Mirama serves the best dumplings and roasted duck in Paris. Even Angel's colleague who had been to Paris a few times for work agreed with me when we first met a few weeks ago.

After that, we went Carrefour for grocery shopping. At Carrefour, I took the queue reserved for pregnant ladies and handicaps. This was the second time I did that. Most of the time, I joined the normal queue as the priority queue was often just as long as the normal ones. And on both occasions, I heard remarks from people behind me commenting that I was abusing the queue. I had to justify myself by replying that I was more than 3 months pregnant. With my little bump hidden under my winter coat, no one could tell I am 5 months pregnant. At church, without my coat, I was talking to someone new and she thought I was a student in Paris. I guess I should take that as a compliment. Anyway, I just had my monthly check up and baby is doing fine, weighing 550g. That is the most important thing.

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Beau Lotus a dit…

Ah how I miss Miramar too! I used to live at Maubert-Mutualité when I first arrived in Paris for my postgrad, so Miramar was the place I went to for shuijiao and roast duck when I was home sick! My favourite kebab place is also in the area.

It's a good thing that you're not too big. You have plenty of time for that on your later pregnancies :-). I went to school till June and in early October I gave birth to my son and nobody among my classmates realised that I was pregnant apparently. But for my 2nd and 3rd babies, I was like a ball.

sohcool a dit…

Beau lotus,
Oh boy, oh boy. You must tell me the kebab place. I like the one near my office in La Defense cos it looks clean and the meat tastes fresh. But hubby forbids me to eat kebab for the time being. I told him to bring me a kebab sandwich once I pop. Not sure it will be allowed by my mom or the maternity nurse.
Err... I will try with one before thinking about the second one. ;)

Paradoxical Carrie a dit…

It's time to start wearing some stretchy-fitting tops so tat your bump will look more obvious and no one will dare pass mean remarks at u!

Not to mention your size, even me whose a little bigger size than u looks like a teenager when I went Canada. And boy, I shopped at their kids/teens dept! Haha!