mardi, décembre 16, 2008

Danger zone

Some explosives were found in Printemps shopping store this morning. The terroists group who planted these explosives in a few toilets sent out a warning note to the news agency AFP (Agence France-Presse). Apparently, these explosives did not have a timer. But the group warned that if their request for the withdrawal of French troops in Afghanistan was not met, there won't be a warning note the next time.

Seb sent me an email and pointed out the news to me. He told me not to visit big departmental shops from now on. I often shop in the Haussman area and would use the toilets at Printemps when nature calls. Small boutiques along the streets do not have toilet facilities. I was even thinking of going there this Sat to do our last minute Christmas shopping. I have yet to choose my present from Seb. These days, we can never be too sure of anything.

Good thing there is Vente Privée (a private sales website). It offers great bargains on well-known brands and I have been buying things from them. So far, I had bought books, cocottes from Staub, baby clothes from Absorba and Petit Bateau. For the moment, I will take my husband's advise and let my fingers do the shopping for me instead. Just hope that my wallet will not explode!

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SIG a dit…

Yes, please. Better that the wallet explodes than anything else. Not to be taken lightly these terrorist acts. I read too in the papers. Really scary but it is Christmas and the malls are packed. Do take care, even on the trains etc.

sohcool a dit…

Yeah, agree with you. Kinda scary to think about it. What if there was no warning note and the explosives did have a timer? Can't imagine.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Nowhere is safe nowadays, what is the world coming to...

I used to go to Printemps almost every day when I was temping near Auber in my student years. I love the pastries from the La Durée corner in the grand magasin.

And I must be one of Vente-Privée's very 1st customers when they started a few years ago :-). The postman knew me very well as I had parcels delivered to my doorstep almost every week.

Pity I have to live away from France. My MIL insisted that she wouldn't keep my VP purchases in her house anymore as we do not return to France as often as before since we moved to Modena.