mercredi, mars 18, 2009

Bed rest for the next 2 weeks

I am told to have complete bed rest for the next two weeks. Baby boy is ready to meet the world but he is still small at 2kg400g. We will try to keep him warm and grow fatter in me.
So in the meanwhile, I will blog less. Will just relax and read books, watch TV and look at the lovely coming spring by the windows.

3 commentaires:

Carol a dit…

I think ur darling boy is really eager to see this world cos usu the baby usu comes out very near or even after the EDD for first pregnancy.

Have plenty of bed rest and take good care. Tell ur little boy to at least wait for his Ah mah to arrive there before coming out to say hello :P

Awaiting good news from u soon :)

sohcool a dit…

Yeah, I think he is so eager to see spring. He wants freedom as he is all cramped up in my little body.

MomiJJ a dit…

Oh u are due soon? Rbr to update his picture ok. Yes, rest well.