mardi, mars 10, 2009

Singapore Day 2009

I received an email a month ago inviting me to go for the Singapore Day 2009 which will be held in London. For once, it is going to be so near, only 2h20mins by Eurostar. I was all excited until I saw the date. 25 April. . . . . That is a week before my estimated delivery date. Doh! I would have to give it a miss.

The worst was, I dreamt about chwee kueh just a few days prior to receiving this email and there it was, a plate of chwee kueh staring at me. What kind of a joke is this. Anyway, my carving for chwee kueh is over. I do have to be careful with my weight gain.

If you do go for this event, enjoy yourself! Doubt anyone can tah-bao any food for me.....

1 commentaire:

Beau Lotus a dit…

Dear, but will eat for you haha.

Take care and have a smooth delivery!