lundi, mars 09, 2009

Home bound (Almost)

I am home bound until baby arrives. My last checkup at the gynaecologist showed that the baby was in the head-first position. That was a very good news and I do hope that he will not change position. However, my gynae advised me to stop work and to rest and lead a tranquille life until the arrival of baby.

I am given 2 weeks of medicial leave which will be followed by 6 weeks of pre-natal maternity leave. I do have the freedom to go out but bed rest is prescribed an hour in the morning and in the afternoon.

I told Seb yesterday that I will do a timetable for the next 8 weeks. He thought I was crazy. He told me to just spend the days at ease without having to follow a planning. But I can't. I need to organise my life even during leisure. I have a list of things to do but will of course rest and rest. I will also try to write more often. Everyone told me to enjoy this time before our bundle of joy arrives. :)

2 commentaires:

MomiJJ a dit…

WAH... France is so different. U have pre-maternal leave. Tat is great. Yes, i agree with Seb, relax ur days. It will be different when the bb is out. Have u decided the name of the bb yet?

sohcool a dit…

Yes, we have decided on the name. Will announce when baby is born. :)