jeudi, mars 26, 2009

Missing cats in airports

Since staying at home, I had been watching 30 millions d'amis, a TV programme about animals.

Today, one of the reports was on missing cats in airports. I never thought of travelling with Bao Bei on a plane but apparently, there were people who checked in their cats on a plane. Some never see their cats again.

Some cats managed to escape from their cages because the cages were damaged during transportation from the baggage check-in to the plane. Others escaped because the airport workers opened the cage to caress the animals. This was constated by 2 owners when they found the cages opened and everything else was intact.

These domestic cats became stray cats trapped in the runway of the airport. They had to find their own food and avoid being run over by planes or other airport vehicles.

A woman was travelling from France to Africa and upon arrival, was told that her cat had disappeared. After 48 hours, the airline company told her that the chance of finding her cat was slim. She was compensated 20€ per kg for her lost cat. The airline company considered the cat as a lost baggage! How sad isn't it?

An association for cats put up traps in the airport landing field hoping to catch some of these escaped cats. And this lady's cat was found in one of the traps after a year. This was a miracle case.

Another woman was travelling from France to Reunion with her cat. Her cat escaped at the french airport. The cat was reportedly seen by the airport personnels but no one could catch the cat. CDG is a big airport with many runways and hectares and hectares of fields. In September, foxes were introduced into the airport fields to get rid of the growing number of rabbits. After that, there was no more sign of her cat. She assumed that her cat had been a victim of the foxes.

There were many other such stories and the worst is that the airline companies do nothing to improve the situation. When contacted by reporters on the number of lost animals, the airline companies were not able to answer as they treated lost animals as lost baggages.

Here I am sitting and typing while watching Bao Bei plays by herself. Yeah, she throws up her mouse in the air and then jumps up to catch it or chases after it. Self-entertaining and really funny. I can't imagine losing my silly cat at the airport.

Oh, her birthday is coming soon. She will turn 5 on April's day.

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SIG a dit…

Happy birthday to Bao Bei!

sohcool a dit…

:) Thanks. She is at the moment on the balcony enjoying the sunshine.